Integrity Drives Growing Attitudes Forward

It will focus on career, financial, self-care, community, and wholeness. These workshops will be hosted Monday and Wednesday.


Group guidance tools to promote self-care, self-development, and self-awareness. These workshops will be hosted Tuesday and Thursday. Groups are designed to ask questions amongst your peers, see others perceptions, and determine how you would like to move forward and what you will need. We want clients to walk away with the knowing that they have an open space to express and get the tools needed to find their a better path.

Black Diamond

Focuses on Self Mastery and fulfillment. These workshops will incorporate Integrity Drives Growing Attitudes Forward Game. Black Mountain Diamond will be hosted Fridays. This program is centered on executing the plan with live check-ins with your life coaches. Your purpose is to heal for the success of the now and future.

  1. We want you to dream, plan, and complete all Challenges on your own.

  2. Balancing Independence and Dependence is essential to success and growth.

  3. Establishing Boundaries and Conflict Management.


These Seminars will be about emotional, mental, physical, financial and sexual growth. Having no shame in your emotional or mental state. Letting go of negativity. For a few hours being honest with yourself. Gaining Resources, Tools, and Techniques to push forward in your journey (elaborate more later).