Redefining mental health approaches by healing communication within yourself and your family dynamic, encouraging entrepreneurial ambitions and honoring opportunities of perfecting yourself.


Creating a community center aiming to break barriers of economic disadvantage, by rebuilding self, life, and relationships that stagnate growth, happiness, and quality of life. Teach our youth how to balance education, responsibility talent and financial success as a guide to healthy independence.


Resilience...Recovering readily from adversity, depression, or life difficulties despite the weight of emotions

Empowerment giving power or authority to yourself and others for family wholeness, personal success, and financial stability

Accountability take responsibility for your actions and consequences to go above and beyond for self and balancing other’s emotions

Dedication believing that an activity or idea is important and giving a lot of energy and time to growth

Yes, to Life! Being open and willing to say yes to you goals, dreams, visions.