Founded January 2021.

PIC U is a new life stability coaching firm in HOUSTON, TX. that provides low-cost emotional support and guidance to support economically disadvantaged broken homes in their journey to leap grow with purpose.

"NO root left untangled"

PIC U aims to sustain the quality of our youth and all family dynamics by promoting emotional stability, financial independence, and sustaining the quality of life.

From self reflection to finding balance in the broken home, there is ALMOST no situation PIC wont be able to take on.


Nourish your PURPOSE and

Let us be the sunlight in your journey.


Planting purpose to sprout initiative to perfect imperfections consciously by growing self, family, and community unity. When you, as parents, are motivated to be centered in your choice to PIC U, you are growing to provide opportunities for your kids to bloom. Breathe Life into Purpose.


Revitalizing family harmony and legacy because when you realize your dreams potential, you’ll find a purpose to PIC U 365 and family 24/7.


Fam­i­ly types have become more diverse, with blend­ed step-fam­i­lies, same-sex par­ent fam­i­lies, chil­dren liv­ing with rel­a­tives and more. Traits of dropouts are prevailing amongst the economically disadvantaged or impoverished broken families. Our children's woes are often ignored due to parents overworking, stressed, and being on autopilot to sustain their kids' lives. Help is usually only given when you have reached rock bottom and mostly to mothers and not fathers. In 1999 Former William H.G. Fitzgerald, fellow in family and cultural issues at The Heritage Foundation, said in an article entitled “How Broken Families Rob Children of Their Chances for Future Prosperity” that:

Social science literature demonstrates that the root cause of poverty and income disparity is linked undeniably to the presence or absence of marriage. Broken families earn less and experience lower levels of educational achievement...For a single [full-time parent] with children, divorce increases [their] financial responsibility and, typically, [their] hours of labor outside the home. Divorce and additional work hours also disrupt [their] network of support for parenting [their] children.23 These additional stresses take their toll: Single [parents] experience increased levels of physical and mental illness, addictions, and even suicide following divorce.24 All of these outcomes have an effect on family income.” (_______)

Transitioning to a single-parent household can disrupt a family's routines, education, housing arrangement, success, emotions, and behavior. With Covid, unemployment and inflation these families are sincerely struggling. But when we are hurting, who is there to care for the uncharted emotions that kids go through? What are the trials and tribulations of the kids that experience abandonment, loss or separation of parents?

Many studies have found that delinquency is a symptom of family breakdown. When death or marital conflicts deprive children of affection, security, social opportunities, and physical necessities, they may turn to delinquent gangs for support. Research has also indicated that broken homes have a greater influence on female than male delinquents. Furthermore, psychological disruption, such as unsatisfactory family relations or lack of love, appears to have a more decisive influence on the child's personality than divorce or separation…Researchers have also linked pover­ty to parental stress. Sin­gle par­ents may strug­gle to cov­er their family’s basic needs, includ­ing food, util­i­ties, hous­ing, childcare, cloth­ing and trans­porta­tion. Nav­i­gat­ing these deci­sions alone — and with lim­it­ed resources — can send stress lev­els soar­ing. High parental stress, in turn, can spark even more chal­lenges and adverse out­comes among the chil­dren involved. (_____)

That’s why here at PIC U we’ve modeled the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs to address stability, communication, financial growth, and life fulfillment. We address the four main problems: stress, poverty, stabilization of life and enjoyment of life amongst parents and kids.



Recovering readily from adversity, depression, or life difficulties despite the weight of emotions


Giving power or authority to yourself and others for family wholeness, personal success, and financial stability


Take responsibility for your actions and consequences to go above and beyond for self and balancing other’s emotions


Believing that an activity or idea is important and giving a lot of energy and time to growth

Yes, to Life!

Being open and willing to say yes to you goals, dreams, visions.

Are you READY!