We are Perfect Imperfections Coalition (PIC), a new local life management center that focuses on motivational guidance in achieving balance, strength, and growth tailored to one’s perception of wholeness. and guide our community through various life stressors.

We are committed to providing low-cost life management emotional support classes, workshops, and seminars geared towards one's growth. We recognized that life stressors contributed to increased financial instability and poverty. Our Certified Life Skills Coaches can provide you with the necessary skills to:

  • Build confidence and consistency for everyday life

  • Neutralize proactive urges and response to life challenges and rebuild techniques

  • Decision making and problem solving

  • Creative thinking and critical thinking

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Self-awareness and empathy

  • Assertiveness

  • Resilience and coping with e1motions and stress.

PIC offers programs to assist those who are mostly affected by economic disadvantage. PIC helps alleviate stressors that contribute to poverty and personal growth creating an environment of chronic stress for children to adults due to lack of social support, financial struggles, unsafe living conditions, violent communities and more.

  • One on one Growth Management Coaching opportunities. Teach you how to maintain emotional health because it is a contributor to stress related deaths, stability, growth, and maintaining healthy relationships. We will provide goal setting, educational awareness of life management, and assist with obtaining and follow through of goals.

  • Motivational Collaborative Program is a series of courses designed to provide a step-by-step program that rebuilds the emotional mindset from the bottom up by evaluating needs and creating a growth plan with our clients. Perfect Imperfections mirrors the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid. We have created the PIC Model to establish roots to build a durable foundation and nurture who we see for ourselves every day.

  • Implementing the PIC model we have developed a 3-tier program to progressively achieve success. We provide evening sessions a day to help develop a solid foundation for wholeness and individual coaching to those who need specific one-on-one help in overcoming specific life challenges.

  • You will be able to take a vacation if you are burned out on life. You pay for enrollment into our program with Seacrest travel and a monthly fee for luxury discounted trips.

  • Partner with organizations that will aide in your journey.

  • Provide you with tools of strength when resources are limited, and growth is needed.

PIC realizes the intense need for emotional support, the economical disadvantages that prevent our community from seeking help, and how both effect the growth potential of ourselves, our youth, and our family's success.

  • Stabilizing life stagnation, motivating entrepreneurial ambitions, and strengthening self, family, and professional communication skills to reduce stress induced health issues that hinders one's quality of life.

  • We offer our services on a sliding scale based on family structure and size to be able to provide our families with continuous support during their journey. Offering cost effective emotional support services ensures that the client continues to get tools essential to alleviate stressors that contribute to poverty and personal growth

  • All our services provide unlimited ways to live a fulfilling life, even on a budget and with little or no support. Classes, video Zoom meetings, vacation packages, books, self-care merchandize boxes.

  • Assisting in finding life balance from youth to our adults we focus on our youths' talents, dreams, and transforming them into productive adults.